Monday, October 25, 2010

Retro Housewife Post # 7

Hello Fellow Housewives!

I have been off in my own little world trying out the lists that I so loving suggested for you. Again I printed the lists off of I am loving the weekly lists and the monthly lists for cleaning. It has made my home more shiny and made it easier to clean. This the last week of October. Which means it is time to think about THANKSGIVING!!

This week between Children, Husbands and Homework I am suppose to make the menu for thanksgiving. I am excited I love having company over and the thought of cooking some of the best food I have for them makes me truly excited and happy.

But along with the menu I have to do Christmas lists and shopping and Christmas card list and addresses need to prepped and ready to be written and the arrangement of Holiday pictures need to be taken. But because I have lists of everything that needs to be taken care of this year I feel no sense of things being left out or like I am going to be leaving anything out. This feeling of completeness has left me time to actually scrapbook! I love scrapbooking and with all that was on my plate I barely had time for it but with keeping to my lists I have actually been able to free up sometime for myself.

Now Halloween is coming up and many of you have costumes I want to see them! I will be posting pictures of my family and their costumes and I want to see everyone elses :). I also want to know about traditions. In my family the Christmas tree goes up on Thanksgiving after dinner. Because I have little people with no self control presents will not be put under the tree until Christmas Eve.

Anyways I am getting ahead of myself first order of business are the Thanksgiving lists and crafts for thanksgiving. I will also be updating the look of house here online since I have been using the lists to help me.

Until later Housewives!

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