Monday, October 25, 2010

Retro Housewife Post # 8's what I do!

Alright so while I was trying out my new cleaning lists I was also cooking up a storm. The one thing I am very proud of is that I learned to make Alfredo from scratch. Now it is nothing fancy but it gets the job done and the boys (husband included) LOVES it. Which is why I wanted to let everyone know where I came to find the recipe in the first place. they are pretty awesome you can adjust the size of the portions so that your measurements match what you are cooking can make recipe cards and can also keep a recipe box on the site.

This led me to notice something horrible in my own kitchen.....I HAVE NO RECIPE CARDS!! The sheer horror sent me screaming from my kitchen. I actually own a recipe box it is a Martha Stewart pretty blue and cream one (They didn't have the red and now they do and I am thinking about switching)

I think what keeps me from even starting my recipe box is how I was taught to cook in the first place. I was taught in a way that did not use measurements. I have no idea how much of anything I put in my food because it was all sight. I am very good at feeling out how much is needed for a recipe with out measuring. I decided if I want to pass these recipes on to my boys I need to start writing them down. So this is what I plan on doing.

I will be trying out cookbooks like I had planned but I will be buying stars and putting them on the corners of the recipes that we like and putting sad faces on the ones we do not like. When I am done with said cookbook all those that I liked will be transferred over and then the stickers can be removed and the cookbooks given to someone else. This prevents the clutter of cook books and will help to increase usage of your own recipe cards. If you are more of a book than a card person there are reciepe books out there for you such as this one.....

These types allow for pictures of your food if you are a picture taker such as myself. I found this find on an awesome blog . Check it out when you have the time.

If you already have started a book or recipe cards please take pictures and let us see what you have done! I am very interested and I will continue to try and find awesome sites for you to visit. I will never stay away for so long again! Till tomorrow!

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