Saturday, November 13, 2010

Homemaking.......Star Date 21

My children boycotted their listening skills...

Before I begin I just want to warn my readers today will be a two post day. I am making a new recipe today, actually several and will be posting how they come out afterwards :)

So Friday was a bit of a super busy day. I ended up finally crashing not only from lack of sleep but also because of being half ass sick for about a week and half. I woke up and had to prep for the class I needed to teach that afternoon and to get my oldest dressed for the day. Hubby was going on a man trip this weekend so it was just going to be the boys and I. Lucas was as school for most of the day and later that evening after I taught I was to take him back to school for the St Martin's day parade.

In this Parade the children have lanterns that they have made or purchased with little lights or candles and they walk around the neighborhood. I paid the 2.50 euro for the lantern for Lucas bought the lantern holders and the glow sticks for both boys to carry around. All the time I have images of how cute my children will look during the parade....

Lucas boycotted listening the minute I turned back down the street of his school, it went something like this... "NOOOOOOOOOOO,I WANT TO GO HOME I DON'T WANT TO GO TO SCHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOL" I kept trying to explain that I wasn't leaving him at school that I just needed to take him there for the parade that we were all staying. As he gripped his glow stick with a death grip and resisted my attempts to remove him from his car seat. Nathan on the other hand was mad excited about the entire adventure and kept urging his brother to "Come on!!"

So I finally wrestle my abnormally strong two year old into his coat and up the church steps only for him to decide that he is not interested in the least little bit with putting his glow stick in his lantern or going to sit with the rest of his class on stage to sing the German songs. He was very interested in the puppet show...I know this because BOTH my children very loudly whispered "It's a puppet show!!! I like puppet shows!!" Yay me.

Finally the performance is over and we can begin to walk around. Photo op moment right? WRONG! I totally left my SD card in my computer from when I was downloading pictures for my last blog post. I am so upset that I would do something so stupid but have no time to dwell on how stupid I am because we are walking in the street and Lucas is not wanting to cross the street and tries to turn back....but Nathan is walking ahead but Lucas is walking behind and starts screaming when I say come on...I have to pick him up...I am then stared at. YAY ME!!

In the end the walk improved. Lucas held his glow stick, Nathan held the Lantern that was made with Lucas and they splashed in puddles and got wet and cried about being wet as I pulled a bad mom card and drove us to the nearest Micky D's for dinner.

All in all it was a pretty good night and I did get pictures of the boys and you can tell how just excited they were about the whole idea of taking pictures before eating and everything :)

If you want to know more about St. Martin's Day Parade here is a link's_Day

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I look forward to posting the Winter Sangria and Brined Fried Chicken this afternoon :)


  1. Aww how cute! My lil people loved the parade, too! Any time we drive in the direction of my son's school during non-school hours he flips haha.My husband's son did the same. Funny kids.

  2. My kids are constantly boycotting their listening skills! I know what you mean!
    BTW, on the crockpot yogurt, the bacterial cultures are all ones that are good for you, so no worries about a wrong move. It's nearly foolproof!


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