Thursday, November 11, 2010

Homemaking.......Star Date 20

I take Photos I should organize them....

So like my title implies I have been taking many photos and before I had a digital camera I had a regular camera and every picture had to be printed. I know freaky but it had to be done. So I am also a scrap booker. Bad thing is that all my stuff is spread out all over the place.

I think the most important thing is to organize your pictures. I personally have three sections

Drunk Korea Pictures
Drunk Florida Pictures

Family I feel I do not need to explain...the other two well since it's Vet's day I feel I should let you know that I was in the military and I was a cop. I also may have been drunk quite a few times on my days off.....Not my fault it was the Jack Ass Era and...I have said too much. Needless to say I had fun and no I will not post those pictures. I want you all to think I have always been cute and that does not jive when you have had pictures of me with lids at half mast and slouched over a chair.....Never happened...whatever, anyway.

Before Pictures of the mess...

After Pictures of the Organization.

Those clear cases my family photos are in are amazing they are called Photo Protectors by Cropper Hoppers. They were super cheap, four cases that can hold 72 pictures each. as you can see I had a lot of pictures. Two boxes I used for the rest of the pictures in one box and in the other I put large wall pictures and old Christmas and birthday cards. I love the way this turned out. I am now able to Scrap book easily. .

Alright so for dinner I went easy. Oven Pot Roast I seriously can't tell you how much of the ingredients I put into the meal but I can tell you what I used

2 packets of Onion Mushroom soup
Beef Broth
Cooking Sherry
and spice rub

It turned out epically. As you can see from the pictures :).

I think tomorrow I will post my favorite picture of my boys :). Until tomorrow!

Live Long and Organize!

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  1. wow...looks like you had an awful lot of work with those photos Ö.Ö
    But it looks great now.


  2. Hi there, thanx for stopping by at By Word of Mouth and becoming a follower (would be huge if you rustled up a few Babble votes, my kids are checking all the time to see where By Word of Mouth is now!)
    I have an armoire of pics and papers and albums - now if only the pics and papers were in the albums in the armoire - lol!
    Read your other blog too, what did you decide about homeschooling? You are the best one to decide on what to do, and you sure sound qualified! Email me if you have questions, since we homeschool, and maybe I can give you some starter info.

  3. AWESOME job with the photos. THank god I didn't take too many pics when I was in the military. Thank. GOD. I am sure there are some out there, though.

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