Friday, December 10, 2010

Homemaking....Star Date 28

New Hair Do show off before blog :)
Homemaking Projects all around!!-

I want to tell you all about my projects but I have too many pictures and do not want to overwhelm you lol. But I was busy this week. I did a craft with my boys for our family in the states that I found online. But I messed it up so we will be be trying a new craft this weekend.

I then made my own Cookie Cutters. I love them even though my Christmas tree looked like an arrow! I tried and that is the important thing. I am not going to get everything right and as housewives it is a regular thing to mess up something because we are not perfect but I felt I had to show you because it was important that you see I tried damn it!! lol

I made a Chocolate cream pie for the first time EVER and it came out awesome I am in love with it! I am so excited I also did not know egg whites was what the topping came from so color me special. I was shocked as shit when the egg whites became fluffy. Seriously...shocked.

I tried something new for dinner called Baked Cavetalli and it was awesome also and the boys and hubby loved it :) It was a quick meal and if you use fresh ingredients and lean meat it can be a moderately healthy meal. I hope you enjoy in the pictures!

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  1. Welcome to the world of meringue! hehe. it's so much fun discovering new things when cooking or anything!!

    I suck at crafts. Just horrible. I will try when I get a printer. Since that may not be happening, I guess I won't lol. My son's grandmother does all kinds of crafts with him. I'll have to join a parent group a couple times a month for crafts for the littler ones!


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