Sunday, December 12, 2010

Homemaking.......Star Date 29

Chocolate Chip Gingerbread Pancakes-

So this will be a short post because all I really wanted to show was that I was making pancakes and that I was proud at how well they turned out. Pancakes are my Kryptonite. I have a problem every single time I have tried to make them....but today thanks to Carolyn over at All day I dream about Food, I was able to make awesome Pancakes that my family LOVED. They ate all of them this morning! I will be adding them in to my recipe cards.

I am also excited about a big recipe I am taking on...but in the crockpot form Beef Bourguignon. I will be posting the evidence of that on Tuesday when I am done with it! Has anyone made it before?

I have also an exciting new project going that I am going to let you all in on in a couple days needless to say I am very good at keeping myself busy! I will be done working officially as of the 20th and wanted something to work on that was all me. Which is why I will be working overtime on the project. Until then....

Live long and don't burn the pancakes!

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  1. They're nice. quite, quite, nice! glad they turned out well. We're a pancake family fo sho!


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