Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Homemaking..Star Date 31

In the interest of Full Disclosure.....

So today was pretty cool I was able to go and see Nathan my oldest, NOT sing in his Christmas show :) I seriously don't care I was just snapping away and just excited he was up there. I was the parent who thought just the fact that he was there and dress cute that he was darling...yeah I acted that way! Don't judge anyways this is a special post because this is not about Household business per say. It is about an embarrassing moment in the mall.

If you need a reason to avoid the tampon/condom aisle with your children in tow even if you are just passing by to another area of the store here is the reason........

This sweet innocent child here was having fun walking through the store with mommy and Mrs. E and her Son Mr. C. We were looking for stuff for Christmas I was trying to get ideas for the rest of my Teacher Gifts and figuring out what to get my sister for Christmas.....we happen to take the long way to the otherside of the went through the condom/tampon aisle. We all know why the packaging of sex things are so attract the eye which is why KY blue and damn purple your + mines caught my child's eye as we are going passed it and he grabs the box and screams (or at the very least loudly proclaims) MY MOMMY AND DADDY HAS THIS!! He proceeds to wave this around and in his friends face and showing Mrs. E. I am completely mortified I mean of course we all know those around us are doing the deed and using various fun time products but CONFIRMATION about it is totally unnecessary.

I wish this was the first time my child has decided to blow our sex secrets out the water to others....there was the lotion incident.....I have a lock box for this very reason now...but I mean I can lock box his mouth. I am totally kicking myself that he was able to get to the grocery bag before we could put it away and that he REMEMBERED what it looked like and that he TOLD!

So lesson of the day?

Live long....and masking tape their mouths closed.


  1. I had a friend over when my eldest was 2 and my daughter was a newborn.

    I never had company so I was more than happy to have her over.

    Son proceeds into mommy and daddy's room and grab mommy's dildo.

    ANd waves all over the place.

    Black people do turn red.

    <3 kids!

  2. Adorable!!!
    Glad I stopped by for a good laugh.
    Now following you on Google.
    Hope you'll swing by and visit me too.

  3. Hilarious! If our kids didn't embarrass us who would? I would have been like boy quit lying!


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