Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Homemaking..Star Date 32

Daddy is gone...there is a new man a foot...

So Joe left for a TDY sometime this week and my boys decided that it would be cool to totally switch personalities and throw me for a loop. What I got was a Nathan who suddenly can follow directions and clean his room, his brother's room and put away laundry and sweep....he is five. Lucas on the other hand has decided that he is going to take the terrible twos to a whole new level.

You know those demon spawns from hell everyone talks about that run around in the stores? Those were my two children today. The reason for this was because Lucas was angry and decided to run away from home screaming "DON'T TOUCH ME!!! GET OFF ME!!", as he raced through the store. Hubby turned red I simply said "You get one I will get the other," Yes I speak in hero speak when dealing with the criminals. Anyways Nathan had taken off after Lucas saying "I will get him!!" It turned into a game of tag and off they went.

I nabbed the youngest and he was spanked in the clothing aisle. Which actually just made him scream like I was pounding him into the ground instead of his lil hands being smacked....fine then be that way I will leave you in the damn store!! Ok no I didn't throw a tantrum I just told him that we were leaving...this concept is hard for the husband to grasp and he easily gets upset that I do this but it never fails because the short chubby person comes crying behind me not to leave him and I am not chasing him down carrying a screaming, win!

I wish that was the end but we ended up with Lucas having an accident in the bookstore and having to leave before we intended. This produced horrified wails from the children as they realized that they had to ride in my car and not Daddies car. Screaming, kicking the back of the seats seizure like tantrum and after a talk from daddy before he said bye they were both knocked out....

Thank Goodness!!

So Nathan takes his Daddy pep talk very seriously...he is the man of the house he has to help mommy out....first order of business? Spank Lucas for not following directions...this was on it's way to becoming a brawl...I being Wonder Woman to their Robin and Kid Flash (shut up! I am a nerd...lemme lone! NO WAIT!! Please finish reading!) I break up the brawl as Kid Flash (Lucas) launches himself at Robin (Nathan). Lives were saved nerves were broken.

Robin became the model citizen and began to clean his room, sweep the floors and pick up all toys and trash. He also put away laundry. So I am fairly excited that he has embraced this time that daddy is gone as a growing experience....if only I could shackle Kid Flash in order to slow his lil ass down so I can get a full nights sleep and grocery shopping done while the hubby is gone...But tis the life of the military wife. So everyone remember too....

Live Long and have a Merry Christmas :)

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