Monday, April 25, 2011

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"Mommy killed my plant"

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I am a tough woman! I shoot guns wear nose bleed high shoes. But I have to admit something....I have already admitted it but I think I need to say it again.. I kill plants and my children have begun to notice. They noticed today when Nathan's plant he brought home from school was tilted over and trying to wilt because I forgot to give it some water. Nathan leans over and whispers to his little brother "mommy killed my plant" and Lucas says to him "oh no!" They inch over into the kitchen and examine the plant closely and Lucas giggles and says "Look it's DEAD!!"

IS NOT!!! It sprang right back to life after I put water in it finally. Now I have to worry about killing the tulips Joe got for the boys from the Keukenhof. Hopefully the climate we move to allows for the growing of the flowers otherwise I will be having another interesting conversation with my children about the killing of plants.

So I have been working my ass off lately to get my website ready for the move. I have huge plans for myself and I intend to get them off the ground. I want to be a small business owner to start with. I am going back to the states with my almost done degree and I will be starting small with an in home preschool I have my curriculum picked out for both teaching reading and helping with creative outlets I have my schedule worked out for the children. I built a website, I have e-mail addresses and a facebook page. I have tons of notes about what I want to happen the class pet the equipment that I want the loan that I need the business plan that I need to write. Being uber focused with school and moving and business plans has cut a bigger hole in my social life but it will all be worth it when in a year I am able to afford to move over to my own building. I had a dream to teach Kindergarten and as I continued to study in college my dream changed and I decided that I was more suited for toddlers and preschool aged children. Now my dream is to own a private preschool. To offer high quality FUN education for small children. To get them off to the right start.

Tonight for dinner I made a new recipe called Thai Beef with Basil it was very good my boys loved it and ate all the veggies that were in it. It took 25 min to make and was fairly easy. Here is the picture of the dinner!

Since I have homework I am going to go and will be back tomorrow to let you in on what my demons have done to me lately.

So Until tomorrow

Live long and water your plants!

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