Sunday, May 8, 2011

Homemaking...Star Date 43

It's Mother's Day cause everyone likes Mom's
funny pictures history - As Agatha powdered her nose and watched Henry struggling to take the meat fork from his groin, she chuckled softly and whispered, "Now what were you saying about my pot roast, dear?".

I was suppose to write about the topic of how far women have come because of these interesting articles I found in Time Magazine. It was an update on some women and the way they lived and how they liked their roles in society. Many of these women stayed at home or they worked with their husbands in the family business. Watching these women it becomes clear to me that while we have more rights outside of the home now that even when men tried to act like women were lesser and not in control ....we were. What do I mean by this? I mean that women control and probably for the most part always will control the household and really when it comes down it the values that men learn that they follow comes from the home.

Women have set the tone and managed homes, children and men and their careers for the length of history. We are not weaker in any way when it comes to men. We have simply different strengths. Our ability to look at these in a different way gives us the ability to handle all the different jobs that is required of a mom a wife and whatever other thing we put our mind too.

This Times Article also made me think of dreams and the changes that happen over the years. I wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher and my dreams changed and I am going to be a small business owner in a couple months running my own preschool. What dreams have you had? Where did they go did you attempt to accomplish them only to make way for another dream? Being a mother was never part of my dreams when I was thinking of how my life would turn out. But with the expelling of Nathan and then Lucas I realized that it was something I did want. So this Mother's day don't just think of all the things that your children gave you, think of everything you can show them women can be. Little girls should know that if they want to be mothers and housewives there is nothing wrong with that and boys should realize that women should never be responsible for household tasks alone.

I think sometimes women look down on other women who like to cook and clean forgetting that the women's rights movement and the movement for women to be treated equally was not so that women could judge those who chose to stay home and be homemakers, it was to give women the choice the ability to decide for themselves what they wanted to do with their lives. To let them know that it was totally possible for a woman to head a company or work in a factory even when her husband was not at war. But this is also the other way around women who stay home look down on those who work or go to school. We have to stop being our own worst enemies. Support each other in our goals help each other and understand that not all mothers are meant to be the same. There is no cookie cutter mold for the perfect mother. What works for one family does not work for the other.

I want my sons to treat women with respect and to understand a strong woman is not a scary thing. This is sometimes lost in translation, especially now a days as women and men seem to struggle to find a balance that allows men to treat women with respect and to still allow them to feel like men. Men need to remember ...if you had a daughter is the way you are treating your wife the way you would want your daughter treated? Think it over loud and clear and if the answer is no....fix it.

Live long and Happy Mother's day :)

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