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Homemaking.......Star Date 57

I Need a Flask for the Holidays
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So I graduated from College yesterday! I officially have a Bachelor of Science in Birth-Kindergarten Education. I am excited do not get me wrong but now I am facing free time that I have previously not been allowed to have. I am also allowed to concentrate on my career as a Preschool teacher the way I want too. So next month I will officially be opening Perfect Start Learning my in home preschool :). So between the last bit of my homework and the clearing up the last of the boxes from moving I have been trying to get presents together. With one income it has been kind of hard thinking of ways to deal with everything. 
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So before I begin showing you what I have done I want to explain to you the top five reasons children should never be in the kitchen with you....

1. They like to scare you while you are holding a knife "Mommy you cut off your finger!!" "Yeah cause you jumped out and screamed boo you crazy asses!"

2. They attempt to eat before everything is done.... "No, Johnny that piece of meat is not cooked all the way"

3. They scream they can do everything by themselves..." NO CINDY DON'T PUT THAT IN THE MICROWAVE!!"..boom


5. The number 5 reason for not having children in the kitchen while you cook....."Mommy this is nasty make something else"......

Now that the list s out of the way we can get down to special presents to make for special people. For this post I want to talk about Gifts in a jar! I was searching all over the Internet for things I could make that would show I cared and that were inexpensive to make. I found gifts in the jar. Now apparently you could shove old socks in a jar and as long as you put a pretty gift tag on it you have made an awesome present. 

I did not shove an old sock in a jar...mostly because I don't want to touch old socks. Being back in the states means that I can pick anything from over the Internet now and make it easily because I can find the ingredients rather easily. I decided on cookies in jar for a derby girl secret Santa gift and peppermint cocoa for other people. 

This is the picture of the Christmas candy jar I am putting in the boys stockings. 

This is the Peppermint Cocoa that I made. 

These are easy to make because all of these things are in the house on a regular basis and if you are someone that sews or knits on a regular basis you will have fabric to put on the top as decoration. For the candy jars I would just have a piece of children's fabric handy and various Christmas candies. You arrange them in a nice way and before placing the lid on the pint sized jars (7.99 for 20 Walmart). I picked the pint sized because a  Quart seemed to be too big to be given as a gift. 

The peppermint cocoa I only needed to purchase the powered milk and peppermint candy that was to be crushed on the top. Everything else I had in the house such as the sugar, unsweetened chocolate powder and salt. 

For the tags to go on the gifts the sites I am going to show you will have plenty of templates that you can adjust or you can purchase gift tags that you can write out a special message on the tag along with the directions on making the Cocoa. Cutting the tip of a baggie will allow you to pour the ingredients into the jar without getting it all over the jar. 

I have to admit I had fun making these and I look forward to hearing how everyone loved their gifts. Sometimes during the holidays we lose sight of what is really important. Hopefully when these gifts are given they can see past the fact that they did not receive something high end but that they were given something from the heart and that has meaning. 

Remember everyone 

Live Long and have a good holiday!

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