Monday, October 31, 2011

Homemaking....Star Date 56

Happy Halloween!!!
funny pictures history - Creepy Old Time Halloween Costumes

It's Halloween!! I love dressing up! I have never been so excited as I am when Halloween arrives because it means the beginning of the holiday season :). Sooooo this week I went out and learned a valuable lesson. This lesson is that.....
Halloween costumes are not made for chicks with high asses. What I mean by that is I do not have a lower back I have the top of my ass that is called a tray. Like I could sit a drink on it and walk around with it on my ass.
So the boys and I started off trick or treating by ourselves because Joe was not home from work yet. But it was so much fun!! The boys are loving their new neighborhood and I loved being able to trick or treat and show off the boys costumes. Now today I woke up early and completed some treats I made for my boys classes. 
These are my Monster cake ball pops. They were suppose to be covered in vanilla but due to the recipe I followed it was not going to stay on the stick. The cake was too moist and wouldn't freeze no matter how long it was set in the freezer. So in the end I put an eyeball on the front of what was suppose to be a pumpkin and made a one eyed monster cake ball pop. :) The boys and their classes loved them and I enjoyed making thing. I know that they do not look like balls but I got annoyed with rolling shit so I used a cookie scooper. 

Last but not least I wanted to talk about my GIVE AWAY!!! I am giving away 40 dollars in a gift card to the first place winner. For this I am trying to get more readers and I want to see more participation so we will have a photo contest. I am not going to be the judge but the other visitors to the site. Please if you want to win you need to have votes people get your friends who are interested in recipes and sewing and dirty mouth homemakers to come on and vote! Lets have fun. So for this subject because Thanksgiving is showing up it will be....

Take a picture of the best pie you make and post it on the board. To be fair I will allow posting until the day after Thanksgiving. Then You will have until the 5th of Dec to get your friends to vote! Midnight of the 5th we will know who the winner will be. 


So all you happy, unhappy, tired, cute, bags under the eyes homemakers, 
Live Long and get to POSTING!!!

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