Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Homemaking.....Star Date 59

Children are Emotional Terrorist.....
funny pictures history - It would be great if we could purchase children at the grocery store

So this week I am trying my best to channel Martha Stewart and organize parts of my house namely the Closet of Shame that sits in my living room. I am doing this mostly because I am waiting for the ability to start work. So because we all know if I am really channeling Martha she is not doing this stuff herself she has people who do it for her while she surfs the internet.

So I surfed the internet and came across the most magical video ever! A father shot his daughters laptop. It was beautiful brought tears to my eyes. Why you say? Because before he shot the poor laptop he sat down and explained that her disrespectful ways and her thoughts on stuff being handed to her were wrong. Since this has been a long battle (from what I gathered) for him he decided that what needed to happen was the computer needed to be taken away but not just given away or stuck in a closet but in a fashion that would reach into the dramatic mind and draw out a shocked teen...he shot it. So now she has to buy her own computer (job) and pay back her father for the programs he loaded on to the computer before he found out about her nasty note on facebook (really STOP POSTING ANGRY RANTS ON FACEBOOK WE CAN SEE YOU!!!).

Now I think he did an awesome job the lines of communication are open people. Of course there are people who are screaming abuse (is there CPS for computers? Computer Protection Services?) and that he has destroyed his relationship with his daughter. Ok stop being so dramatic. You all sound like a teenager. There is one simple rule that you have to remember when looking at your children...THEY ARE TERRORIST. This is not to say that they are not cute and smart and all those things we wish for our offspring. But when you are pulling out your hair at something they have done that you have told them NOT to do stop breathe and are standing in front of an emotional terrorist they will say all matters of crap in order to get their way and we are the parents...the police force if you will DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORIST! Walk away regroup and come not show weakness break down after you have dealt with them and if you are super angry make them stand across the room out of swinging distance. You have a goal with children it is to turn them into productive, caring, responsible adults, their job is to make you an emotional cripple and get their way before you have the ability to have fun without them in the house. Do not let them drain you!

I think he did a good job because he put his foot down. It was his property he bought it and it was his to do with as he pleased and if this was the best way he could think of to get through to her that was not causing physical harm and would make sure she learned her lesson I think that he made the best parenting decision for himself and his family.

So now since part of homemaking is making a home and I have already spoken about the child aspect I will show you what I did when I was broke.

I wanted donuts, in the way you want them when you have no money to buy them. So I decided to look up how to make them with the stuff I had in the house. CANNED BISCUITS!! I was excited I am going to make donuts.....did you know that sugar can burn!?!?! Ok I did too but I was reintroduced to this concept when my house was filled with smoke and it did not smell nice. So I tried again and went super simple I flatted the biscuits dipped them in butter and rolled them in sugar and put them in the oven...nothing fancy and then I stood and watched them like a hawk...for three seconds and then wandered off to yell at my super heroes ( Super N the 6 year old and Super L the 3 year old). When I came back I had golden brown sugar covered risen donuts and I was ready to take them out apply the chocolate and sprinkles. It was beautiful and easy.
 Ok not quite beautiful but it was fairly easy.

So I have tons more projects I have completed but I do not want to overwhelm you and I have to clean the house and pretend to productive. If you are wondering about the Closet of's still that way apparently while I can channel Martha Stewart I do not have the ability to magically bring the people who clean for her here to my house to do it for me.


Live Long and Clean Proper :)

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