Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Homemaking.......Star Date 60

Laundry is the devil and other wise notions...
sci fi fantasy Lord of the Rings - Laundry Day

So today I got up before the sun bent over and showed it's crack :). I was up cleaning. I know, I know you want to know why the hell would I get up that early when I do not have too to clean the house. Well because I discovered that getting up at 730 to get Super Hero N up for school was not helping me out. I was stressed and I ended up cleaning all day for some reason. So today I tried something new. I got up at six cleaned the living room and dining room (Super Husband cleaned the kitchen) and vacuumed. By the time I was done it was time to get Super Hero N up and I was less stressed...more tired but you can't have everything you want. This means that I am able to prep dinner earlier also.

I am back into Roller Derby, which I almost swore off of after the horrible experience in Germany but decided that I still loved the sport and was going to give it another go. Which ends up being the best decision I have ever made because I am in LOVE with Roller Derby. I love skating I love doing something physical and it gives me an interest outside of the ones I already know I love because I tried something new.

I bet you are wondering what craft I have been working on lately and I can tell you that I have been working on decorating my house. Yes, this is my first house and I want to make it pretty so I am taking care to make sure I do what I want so that I am not itching to change it after a couple of months. I am in love with accent walls and we have decided to do an accent wall for the living room/ dining room area. It will be Orange. I kind of want it to look like this:
Mood Enhancing Living Room Design Orange Accent wall

But without the space furniture. Because most of the things in our living room and dining room are dark wood and black in color I feel it will give it the bright, warm feeling I have been craving in the house.

Besides the decorating my house in wild colors reminiscent of Punky Brewster I have been doing various projects for my little people. Super Hero L's birthday is coming up next month and I wanted to make him something along with the Leap Pad we are getting for him. So I found some Thomas the train fabric and I am making him a blanket. In the middle of the blanket I will have his name that will be made out of the fabric of his baby clothes. When I am closer to be being done I will post pictures and explain how I did it. I do some quick sewing last week because Super Hero L has been carrying around his monster everywhere
He wanted to put his Monster to bed when he does and asked for a pillow and a cover for his monster. So with fabric I had left over from other projects I put together a cover and pillow and here are the pictures of them.

In case you are wondering I made monster from a pair of derby socks I only wore twice because they were too tight. The boys got them last year for Christmas Eve. Super Hero L lost his eyes.....
I didn't do anything fancy with the pillow or cover but I did hand stitch everything which is much easier than I was led to believe. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my projects I have one that I will be posting tomorrow that was for my in home preschool. For now please 

Live Long and Sew Straight

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