Monday, February 7, 2011

Homemaking..Star Date 39

Oh crap.....Martha was right!!

Ok so I have been sick which in a moms world means the house is not going to get as clean..if it gets clean at I would like. Especially with my husband gone. You know what even with him here cause lets face it when mommy breaks down so does the whole house. So now that I am better I am trying to get my house together.

Absolutely NOT!
Bad thing is that before I fell ill I decided to try out a lil experiment. I have been using lists to clean my house...the Martha Stewart lists as a matter of fact...and I wanted to see if it really was the best way to go about cleaning and caring for a house. So I dropped the lists and went back to cleaning the way I use to. I am ENRAGED!!! She was right!! I mean the lists are easy to follow and the monthly lists help keep the basic cleaning manageable and they don't gang up on you and drown you. I mean seriously I was just shocked.

No not really I really can keep a clean house but I am a pack rat and the Martha list seems to help me weed out the junk and keep up with the monthly cleaning.

I think I will modify the list though because I do not have a library and some of the stuff is not relevant to me and some stuff has to be added because I do have some extras. Let me know if you would be interested in the modify list and I will post it.

Now for my not so secret shame... My birthday is coming up. I spend pretty much all my birthdays alone. The reason is that I have friends all over the place but I am horrible at making friends. I spend my birthday promising to make friends and to find people for the boys and I to hang with but another year passes and I have spent so much of my time with my nose in a book after the boys have gone to bed and working that I have not had time to make friends.

So this year (or last year whatever) I actually tried super hard to hang out with people. and it failed. Work, family emergencies DRAMA. I have never been especially good with women. Mix that with the fact that I am turning 28 and just NOW becoming a girlie girl and sometimes I feel out of place. Maybe once my degree is done in the Fall I will be able to not be so stressed and can make girlfriends better. Not worry that I am disliked so much. I mean I can't be a total drag to be around I have friends that I have known for years that love me. Maybe I just need time to grow on people lol. Or I just better dealt with from behind a computer screen :).

Live long and make life long friends.

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  1. Lists are amazing.

    My husband does the dishes or he doesn't eat- nuff said.

    Friendships are hard especially with children. I have maybe 2 close friends here. I've tried hard, too, but now I don't seems like I am the one making more of an effort. You're awesome, supermom so they will come for sure :)


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