Monday, March 7, 2011

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Contests and Crazy living!!

Keep Your Baby Safely Caged Outdoors!
Alright so I live the crazy life. You know the one where my youngest pees on my leg and then again when my youngest likes to throw himself upon the floor in the middle of the store and scream and cry because I won't give him back the M&M's he tried to steal from the store that I HAD to buy because he ripped open the package. Then there is the horrible moment when I wake up in the middle of the night to put the wandering child back in his room and look up at the ceiling in horror as I realize that my children turned on a fan and threw a banana into it and it splattered banana on the ceiling and walls and knowing that I would have to clean it. There was also the crazy thing about me ironing the clothes and putting everything away only to discover that the boys decided the closet was a place they like to play hide and seek and threw all the clothes on the floor and were jumping into the pile and knowing that I would have to wash all the clothes again iron and put them away.

You would think I would want to give them away or that I would be sitting in a closet rocking back and fourth crying but after the initial horror and a glass of wine I realized that it was all going to be alright. My children are only going to be this young once I can't make myself crazy because they do all these things that make me wanna drink a whole bottle of wine by myself in the dark or commit myself to an insane asylum. So I am going to laugh and then take embarrassing pictures of them to show future dates and marriage partners :).

I ran my first contest on my page this week. I am not sure how into apron's my readers are but I gave away one of the fabulous Jessie Steele aprons and matching rubber gloves. I am very excited that I was able to do this I look forward to running another drawing here very soon I just have to figure out what my readers would want if you have an idea just post it here. I don't give away anything that I myself don't use or want myself :).

Since I am a military wife you have to know that I am moving eventually and that is actually coming up very soon. I have actually been feeling pressure I hate the limbo between knowing where I am going and getting there. I have so much to do so much I want to do before we leave here. I plan on leaving early so the boys can see their grandparents and then going on a mommy vaca to Cali. I am very excited about this I have been waiting to head back to Cali forever and I am going to enjoy waking up late going to the zoo visiting comic book stores and having fun. I love being a mother and everything but I think we all need some time to ourselves. I like to fancy myself capable of doing it all sometimes but I know deep down that I can't do all I want to do and attempt the impossible if I do not take some time to myself. I am no good broken and unhappy and overwhelmed. Just remember that ladies and gents take that time for yourself. It's the grown up and responsible thing to do. Now picture me nodding my head wisely and sipping coffee.

I have a lot more to say but I have to clean up and run errands to until next time...

Live Long and Shop til you drop!

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