Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Maintaining your children.....
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So today I had to take my boys in for some know their yearly's appt. I am calling it Maintenance because while I am in there...well first let me first start from the beginning...

"This is not my doctor!!!"

" Yes it is"

"um no this is not, I am not going in!"

"Excuse me?!"

"Fine, I will go in"

We get into the doctors office where Lucas falls out into a fit upon the floor upset at the very fact that his shoe lace is untied...seriously. I check in and have the lady behind the counter look at me like I am dirt because my child is screaming in the Pediatric clinic....because it has never happened. I wanted to jump through the tiny window (I wouldn't fit but I could get in some swings before I ran out of breathe and had to be cut out). But I turned around directed my children to the waiting room tied his shoes and prepared to fill out the paper work. As we are called back I notice my children are loud *my fault* and laughing *my fault* and in good spirits *my fault* and we get weird and dirty looks from people (I will CUT you lady with the house shoes if you look at my little person like that again!!).

Lucas decides that it is time to show the poor tech exactly how much he is in charge of what he will and won't do and Nathan acts like an angel. So I now know that aliens have taken over my children. Lucas jumped up and down and on my back and refuses to get his blood pressure taken. DEMON SPAWN!!! this is what I am screaming in my head as I calming tell him to sit stop jumping, use his inside voice. We finally are able to get through the doctors visit and everyone gets a clean bill of health and Nathan is able to play t-ball because he is not broken when the doctor gives me the run down on caring for my two children who are 5 and 3 years know the children I have been caring for successfully..kinda..for their whole lives.

Drink water and milk
apply sun screen
do not let them fall and break bones
feed them food that will allow them to grow
do not starve them
Safety first

Then I was given the time to get them oiled (shots) and sent on my way. So I dropped them both at school came home to boil eggs for Nathan's class and decided that doctors appts are not that anymore they are yearly car check ups.

Live Long and get Maintained


  1. Love the list of how to care for children!

  2. rofl!!! top of that list "don't kill them."


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