Sunday, May 29, 2011

Homemaking....Star Date 45

When the best laid plans are ruined.
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You know sometimes being a military wife is the hardest job ever. Being a wife and mother is hard in the first place but when you throw in deployments and TDY's and children this shit can get epic. So for the last year I knew that I was going to be taking my last class around the time that I was going to be moving so I planned on leaving before Joe and going back to the states in order to set up and get the ball rolling. Well this week we find out that the military will not give us ANY benefits for moving to this new location and that I will be forced to try and figure out how to do my research project in a new location. Or the other option is to drop out of school. I have never been so upset in my life.

This is the first time I have felt the bending over by the military and I have to say I am not enjoying this action. So this is not a long post but I am officially depressed and not in a good mood. Wish my luck that I am able to get a job as a preschool teacher or start my preschool and that we can pull the money for rent from the deepest recesses of our ass.

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