Thursday, June 23, 2011

Homemaking....Star Date 46

I am Zen like Spock
funny pictures history - Ye Olde Spock

See how Zen Spock is in this picture? That is me I am Zen like Spock in ye olde times. Why am I zen after so many weeks of running around like a chicken with my head cut off? It's because things are falling into place and I am finally able to concentrate on
the upcoming possibilities for the house we have bought.

So my lovely children have destroyed their beds...makes me feel so good inside knowing that they have done this to mommy...really you know how good I feel? Like I swallowed nails. Oh yeah baby! That good. So we have decided to junk the boys beds and get them both new bedroom sets. I have been looking all over the internet for deals and such and have decided that the beds I want look like this:

I found this on With both boys quickly growing and needing space to do art projects and homework it means that it is time for an upgrade. Looking at this makes me realize even more how fast they have grown. I asked the boys what they wanted their new rooms to look like. Nathan has fallen in love with anything Green Lantern and wants his room to be painted green and black. Lucas says Spiderman and Capt. America are COOOL MOMMY!! So his room will be Blue and red. I am very excited that they have come up with ideas and that their individual personalities are appearing.

With the boys rooms figured out I have been thinking about how I want to handle the basement where my preschool will go and the kitchen and living room. The Kitchen will be getting a new stove and frig as soon as possible. What I want in my kitchen are these:

Epic Fridge right?!?! and imagine the stove that would go with it?! I plan on having all appliances in my house the color red! I actually found a whirlpool front loader washer and dryer in red and black.

I will let you in on the crafts I have ready for the house in just another e-mail. I can let you in on the millions of blogs I have found for creating an awesome house without the benefit of thousands of dollars. What I actually want to show you is the finished product of the quilt I have been making forever and a day. It turned out ok not as well a
s I had hoped but it was my first attempt so it wasn't going to be perfect.

I am planning on making another one the next one will be for Nathan. I have old baby clothes I think the easiest thing to do will be to make letters for Nathan's name and sew it on to the fabric. I will see what ideas I can come up with to fit each child.

Well until tomorrow.....

Live long and sew hard!

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