Thursday, July 7, 2011

Homemaking....Star Date 47

Why do they refuse to poop in the toilet and other musings..
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So this is what I want. An epic piece of equipment that will change diapers for me. Because this morning I was AGAIN awakened to the smell of a ripe three year and a plea to wipe his butt. Now any smell that comes from a three year old early in the morning can just not be pleasant but really what is truly unpleasant is finding said three year old walking out of the bathroom with out the diaper with a trail of tissue paper saying "I can't get it all please wipe my butt" as he attempts to contort into various positions that will allow him to reach and then examining the toilet paper closely to see if he got it.


So enough about the adventures in poop. Lets talk about my adventures in cooking of late.

My sixth anniversary was on the 5th and I have no idea what the standard gift is for the 6th but I do know that I got what I have been hinting at for ever. And by hinting I mean telling him loudly that I wanted them over and over again. So I have already made two different dishes from the cookbook. I am worried about the amount of butter in the recipes the very first one I made was half a stick. But it was so so so good! I have pretty pictures wanna see?

Bifteck A Lyonnaise
Carbonnades a la flamande

So my kids actually loved my food this time I know this because the boys both said "I actually love this mommy!" I know what you are thinking and I do actually know how to cook good food. My boys are just picky and make it hard to feed them. It would be made easier if they would understand that I run this shit. But I am afraid it is simply not true. As a mother I wanna say I run this shit...but if I did they would I be changing poopy diapers at 3am? I think not lol.

We are preparing for the move and I am not motivated at all to clean the house or pack. I am READY because we have an awesome house we are in the process of buying but I am just not liking this thing where we clean and pack up things. What I want is a cleaning robot but with bender's personality. Although I suppose if it was like bender that means it would be a mean lazy gambling drunk and nothing would actually get done. So I am stuck at square one wanting the packing and such to be done and to be in place working and painting my house already.

My two Super Heroes like to write on walls. What happens is they fly from their rooms in the dead of night and find crayons they have hidden in various parts of the house and attack my walls with the vengeance of super villains on a weakened Superman. I wake up to new marks and broken crayon bits and the need to drown my sorrows over the lost of white walls with some vodka (which I have discovered I am not able to drink a lot of recently). So what to do to discourage Super Heroes from writing on the walls in the morning ? Chalk Walls. Well after speaking with the boys we have decided to paint their new rooms. Well one wall will be the color they ask for and the other wall will be covered in chalk paint. They will they have a wall they are allowed to write on and will keep them busy in the the morning. Hopefully. Here is an example of what I am talking about.


My first Super Hero wants his room painted Red and the Second wants it painted Green so we are doing both rooms with one wall the color they have asked for with black trim and the other wall will be the chalk board wall with the color trim around it.

This will be the first house I will have a chance to put a real stamp on showing that it belongs to me so if you have noticed I am a bit like a man in a whorehouse right now. So much to do and not enough time :)

Well I will let you all go and remember-

Live Long and Paint Pretty Colors :)

-The Homemaking Diva

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