Saturday, July 9, 2011

Homemaking.......Star Date 49

I use to live here....
epic fail photos - Probably Bad News: Satan's Greeting

When I say hello to people I am not really saying hello I am telling them go to hell. I only say Hello so that it looks polite. I am teaching my children the same thing. It is my duty as their mother to teach them the polite way to curse at people. If we remove Hell from Hello how will I teach this valuable lesson?

Can you think of an effective way to tell someone to go to Hell bright and early in the morning besides saying Hello? Now lets talk about this new things Heaven-o.........does not have the same impact does it? It's not smooth in anyway. What other ways could we possibly say hi? cause I mean HI sounds awful too....could be if someone tells me Hi they are asking about drugs, what about ummmmmm well shit I can't think of anything.

I know this post sounds weird but really is it worst than the man trying to change Hello to Heaven-o.

Live long and wish Hello

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