Sunday, July 10, 2011

Homemaking.......Star Date 50

It's so hard :(-

This is me, I fell off my wagon and I can't seem to get my ass back on it. It wasn't until I fell off that I realized that my housework was keeping me in shape. I worked out of course but doing the daily grind of house work was actually helping me out quite a bit. I think most of it has to do with it's freaking summer time. I am a HUGE fan of year round school. And not just cause of the educational benefits, because it is good for my work ethic and sanity. These children are driving me insane right now.

So I have decided I need a project again. I work better with projects. I know what you are thinking "why is this bitch complaining about summer vacation" Well I am stupid lol summer vacation has lost the appeal it once had. I need the organization of getting up everyday and making breakfast the boys their lunch taking them to school coming home cleaning going to do some work homework prepping dinner and then picking the boys up taking them to their after school activities. I know I can not be the only chick like this so I am going to start something new this Monday. Especially with our upcoming appts and the prep for us moving.

7am-Breakfast/Getting the boys dressed
8am-Supervise the boys Chores
9am-Take Lucas to school
10am-Morning Snack and Nathan School work
11am-Break time for Nathan/More cleaning and packing
12pm-Lunch/Nap time/Dinner Prep

I figure after 12 we can stop working and chill for the rest of the day and just have fun. We will see how this works for the week. Or If I will be pulling out my hair and crying in a corner wanting something like vodka to drink.

So my super heroes are very excited about the move I have been talking to them about it since Jan. We showed them pictures of houses that we were looking at and then when we picked out the house I found the school district and showed the oldest Superhero his new school. I am starting to think this was a mistake because all they do now is ask me questions. This is what I hear at least ten times a day:

"Mommy when do we go to the state?"
"Next month"
"Next month tomorrow?"
"No next month like next month"
"Will I go to a new school?"
"Can I poop in the new house?"
Lucas-"I have a penis"

Apparently the preoccupation with their penises begins early in the lives of boys. At three years old my youngest Superhero tells me often that he has a penis and when it is filled with pee. I am regretting teaching him the proper name for it. Now while they are obtaining a sense of privacy and not wanting to wag their lil stuff all over the place anymore (Thank freaking goodness!), I am still not allowed any type of privacy. When I am dressing they burst into my room at super speed requesting various things only to stop in their tracks and scream-


So I tell them, "My butt is this big because I had you so all of your fault" To which they giggle and tell me that it's not and then they want to know why my boobs are bigger than theirs. I have yet to come up with a witty response for that.

Live Long and End Summer vacation

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