Saturday, January 15, 2011

Homemaking...Star Date 35

MIA, 16 and Pregnant, Uhura and a Blog Award-

So I am so sorry I have been MIA as of late. My husband was gone TDY and it takes a lot of concentration to not blow up and run away when your children acting like fools constantly! Actually the boys did wonderful. I wasn't able to get the house as clean as I wanted but I was still able to get a lot done. As I was trying to formulate ideas for this post I began to look at the women that are famous for the Domestic Arts. It was like a light clicked golly!! All these women (well except for the Pioneer Woman who I love :) ) are women without children at home really. I mean we are all housewives but the housewives with children and the military housewives well lets face it, this job becomes a whole different animal. Trying to figure out how to balance children and housewife duties is like walking a tight rope. We lean a little to far over and something suffers. In this case I am firmly in favor of the Domestic Arts being the thing that suffers in our quests to be good housewives. We are dealing with people. Our children may appreciate the bright and shiny house and the baked goods and the organization you were able to provide in their lives. But think if that will be the only thing they remember... you want them to remember that you could have fun that you could let loose. Just some food for thought as we travel down the Domestic Arts Road.

I have a new's called 16 and pregnant the show on Mtv. I have been just fascinated with this show. It has been referred to as a Juno like show. Which I can't see how. Juno didn't even show teen pregnancy as an easy thing to deal with. As a teen watching these shows made me very aware of how NOT ready I was to deal with a human life. I watch this show and all I feel for the moms is that they have NO IDEA how hard being a mother is going to be for them, how they have just went from child to an adult in the span of 9 months. How difficult the first part of their lives as adults will be. I know some women who became mothers in their teens or early twenties (ME!!) and the world seems to look down on them and pass judgement right away but really what is needed is support. There is nothing that can be done once the decision to have a baby has been made. But making sure that the new life that has been created does not have to suffer unnecessarily because of the judgement that is being passed on his mother. I know it is easy for me to say now while I have two boys that are super young. But I will not be able to kick my child out if they do something like this I would have to be supportive and continue to do what I can because even though they will have a child...they will still be my child and I have to make sure my child is stable and ok. Lets me very clear...I will be bashing heads together for what they did but I will not kick them out and leave them to deal with this life altering decision on their own, because they wouldn't deal with it on their own if it happened when they were adults.

So ladies and Gents! I was Uhura the other night at a Trekkie Party with some friends! It was very very epic. I went with a couple friends and my very talented friend Miss T, made my costume for me. I already had a comm badge because, I am a super dork and own the Star Trek online game and I bought the special edition, so I had the comm badge (YAY FOR NERDS!!). Here is a picture of me before I went out and danced and had a ton of fun with these ladies :)

Last and certainly not least I was given a blog award at the beginning of the month I have been wanting to post about it and simply have not had the time but here it is in all it's glory!!! I am so excited and wanted to say thank you to Karen over at
for giving me this award. I am very happy to be able to pass this award on to 15 other bloggers that I read and draw inspiration from on a regular basis!! I will be posting their names in a separate post so that this one does become super long.

I will now nominate other blogs with this award! Here’s how it works…
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1. I am a Star Trek lover
2. I want to attend the Comic book convention in San Diego this year.
3. I have a special place in my heart for dirty romance novels
4. I have a small addiction to reading
5. I dream of owning my own preschool not a chain just a small preschool where I am the teacher
6. When I want to lose weight I want it to stay in the butt area because I like having a big butt
7. I am very happy I had two boys cause little girls scare the living shit out of me!

Look for the next post with the 15 blogs I read that I LOVE. Thank you for reading my blog! Please Like my Facebook Page and my Twitter.

Until next time everyone!!

Live long and have fun!!


  1. I'm so glad you liked your costume! And winning 2nd prize, too- that's the cream on top! Lub ewe, girlie!

  2. You look great and so cute!!! And I love 16 and pregnant show, which is now with just few girls from previous season with already year old kids and it's getting more interesting!
    For some reason I could not open up your blog..but I am here now!:D


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