Saturday, October 1, 2011

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The things I do for you....
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So today I did a bunch of things today I have never done because I saw it on tv. Yeah I know we tell people not to do that shit all the time and yet here I go being a follower. But it's ok because instead of flying off the top of a house I followed a recipe I found on the cooking channel. So today's recipe was Braised stuffed pork tenderloin. It was stuffed with bacon, mushrooms, spinach and cheese. Now it was suppose to be veal but due to me being poor I used pork tenderloins.

I found a recipe for some bread that was suppose to be quick fast and in a hurry that did not require me to wait for it to rise and to do a lot of stuff to it. It was hard as my children's head on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside. My boys ate it up like no ones business.

The third thing I made was the side for the dinner which was a roasted caprese salad. It required minimum prep time and all I had to was season the tomatoes and stick them in the oven for the two hour period and remember that they existed before I burned down my house.

The whole dinner was excellent and filling without being unhealthy and the children ate their dinner and asked for more bread. :)

When I try out new things I try and make it with the things that are already in the house. There is always a way to substitute some of the most expensive things with the things you can afford. For example-In the braised veal recipe I shortened the cooking time due to the switch in meats and I used toothpicks to hold the meats together because of not having butcher twine. I used only chicken broth because I did not have wine to use which really how common is it in your house? I mean lets not count box wine. lol!

The secret to good cooking really is creativity. Learning to substitute is part of the fun of cooking. 

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Live long and be creative

-Capt. Homemaking Diva

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  1. The secret to a man's heart is going through his stomach..nice dish


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